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Reconnecting Wealth & Worth
to Nature & Earth

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We can no longer continue the story of separation from Nature, nor can we flourish inside linear, hierarchical economic models.

The greater Story of Separation that keeps us disconnected from ourselves and deep relationship with the planet is rooted in a massive cultural myth of scarcity.

This myth of “not-enough” has lead to a reckless, fear-based amassing of wealth and power. But the compare / compete / consume economy has never been sustainable, except for the few.

What’s emerging is the create / collaborate / generate economy…

But to realize it, we have to reimagine the very ways we do business and live life. We have the immense opportunity and challenge at this time to be part of shifting the global paradigm from fear to love. . .

Time is of the essence.

The more wealth, resources and leadership positions held or self-assigned by awakened visionaries, the more rapidly we’ll be able to reimagine what a truly healthy, planetary culture might look like and move swiftly towards this new vision.

This takes patience, focus, generosity, self-care, deep inquiry and healing. In conscious entrepreneurship, it takes heart-led, modern business skills and a self-loving, unstoppable mindset… Truly, it takes faith that ANYTHING we desire is possible (believing is seeing).

I’ve found great guidance & liberation in Nature’s creative cycle of dreaming, creation, growth, sharing, decline, rest, and re-emergence.

I’ve also been a conscious entrepreneur and student of mindful business for over 15 years. I believe that the simple yet mythical wisdom of the seasonal cycle hold a key to how we might reimagine business, economy, and entrepreneurship especially.

When We allow Nature & Soul to lead us to and through our life’s work, transformation & Uncommon Abundance appear...

It begins with worthiness and imagination. Please allow your desire to heal & free the world be in alignment with your desire to grow & share your (inner & outer) wealth . . .

The secret to personal & planetary freedom is hidden in your life’s work. The main clues are that this work is deeply rooted in what you love, and that it’s grown by what the world needs…This is the seemingly simply riddle that will ask everything of you.

We’re all inextricably linked. It’s time for soulful sovereignty- en masse. Our prosperity prospers others. There’s never been a more crucial hour to live your dream, share your wisdom, and lead with Love.

Now is always a good time to begin.

I now have a clear path for how I want to bring my gifts into the world... I feel 100% more confident and like a completely different woman. Amanda has a real gift.
— Megan Liebmann, Owner, Amethyst & Rose
My business has exploded. I’ve been able to reach so many more women. I can’t put into words what this work has done.
— Anja Robinson, Owner, Mana Medicinals
I’m filled with inspiration all the time now, and within a matter of weeks, designed my first online course! I’m also selling my books more than ever at the price that feels right.
— Amy Terepka, LMT, Earth Medicine Healer & Writer
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launch your dream business

in the seasoned femmepreneur workshop

Work with Me 1:1 in the Seasoned Femmepreneur Workshop and drop into a wildly feminist, seasonal framework for creating a modern, heart-centered business.

This special workshop will teach you key business concepts & crucial skills while also strengthening your intuitive capacity.

You’ll be called into deep conversation with the more integrated dance of being in relationship to doing. This right/left-brained balance is the cornerstone of a more life-giving, progressive economy.

If you truly want to make a luminous career out of your passions, I lovingly invite you to start your business NOW…. You can do it!


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hello dear friend…

My name is Amanda Verdery Young~ I’m a soulcentric business coach and willing guide for those wishing to create a handmade career doing what they were born to do. I’m also a writer, mother, and ecomystic. I bought & sold my first business before I turned 30, and I truly believe that conscious entrepreneurship is one of the most incredible pathways to transformation- for self and world- that any of us can take. I love this soulful path of freedom and service, and I LOVE seeing deep and gifted visionaries step into their power & rise in purpose & prosperity. Read my story here.

“Join me in the pure atmosphere
of gratitude for life.”

– Hafiz


Seasonal Online Workshops & Specials

Enter into relationship with the exquisite ebb and flow of your own creative cycle. Bombilore’s unique & potent Seasonal Mindset Series was created to nourish & support you as you move through common blocks, challenges and phases of soulcentric working & living. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE WORKSHOPS:


Fall Special 2019


ways to be in community here

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Bi-Monthly e-Notes, featuring nature-led wisdom & strategies to support your soulful life and career + early-bird pricing & special announcements that only happen here. Join us!

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Find encouragement & upliftment on the blog, with writings on a range of soul-centric topics. Comments and discussion welcome on any post.

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Join my private Facebook group, The Seasoned Business Community, and enjoy weekly inspiration, authentic networking/support + periodic LIVE coaching sessions.


Support for established

what can you create
in a season?

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For many, many generations, we’ve been trapped in an overwhelmingly linear myth of “upward mobility”… it’s been all about leveling up.

The future will be collaborative, dynamic, and holistic… it’s now all about leveling out...

Continually EXPANDING your influence, income, creativity, generosity, community and potential with heart-led power, in service to people & planet.

If you’re already in business, and you know it’s time for some big-hearted professional guidance, take a 90-day journey with me and make that next level happen.

My style blends the practical with the imaginal, as I guide you into deep inquiry around what’s holding you back, what you really want, what’s being asked of you and how to move into strategic, soul-led alignment with that beautiful next chapter that awaits you.

See what can happen in 90 days!
Open to conscious entrepreneurs who’ve been in business 2+ years.


Free RiseUp Sessions

clarity is the key.

After my session with Amanda, I felt a lifting of certain veils. I see my life - where it came from and where it’s going - in sharper focus, less judgment, less fear. I feel Artemis-like, strong and wild and protective. She’s amazing at what she does.
— Margaret, Web Designer & Consultant
In just an hour, with no prior knowledge of my work, she facilitated the weaving-together of a story that helped me make sense of where I am now [and] the directions I’d like to pursue moving forward. Her warmth, compassion, and insight ... made the process both nourishing and immensely clarifying.
— -Claire Wilde, Activist & Writer