do what you love.
rewild your gifts.
nourish the world.

Feminist Pathways for a
Thriving Business & Life.

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Reconnecting Wealth & Worth to Nature & Earth

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Business can no longer be at odds with Nature.
We can no longer continue the story of separation from Nature.

Embedded in this story of separation are many meta-stories of scarcity and the fear-based amassing of wealth and power.

But the compare, compete and consume economy has never been sustainable, except for the few.

We don’t need to just be doing conscious work, we need to also reimagine the very ways we do business and live life.

We have the immense opportunity and challenge at this time to be part of shifting the global paradigm from fear & scarcity to love, abundance and equity…

↠I firmly believe that the more wealth, resources and positions of power held by awakened and empowered women (and also: queer/non-binary people and truly feminist men), the more rapidly we’ll be able to reimagine & change the world…

This takes patience, focus, generosity, self-care, and healing. If you want to be an entrepreneur, it also takes some modern business chops and a self-loving, unstoppable mindset… aka faith that ANYTHING you desire is possible (believing is seeing).

I’ve found great guidance from Nature’s creative cycle of dreaming, creation, growth, sharing, decline, rest, and re-emergence.

I’ve also been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, and have studied with some of the most influential thought leaders of our time, learning how to create a modern, compassion-based business, soulfully market your work, and use your mind-heart connection to shift the tides and manifest your dreams.

And the very simple recipe that will ask everything of you is this: Your life’s work is deeply rooted in what you love, and is grown by what the world needs.

Let Nature lead you to and through your life’s work.
She’s everywhere, always. Teaching, guiding, ready to help.
Even in marketing. Even in finance. Even in creating your “brand.”

Let your desire to heal, free, empower and sustain the planet
be in alignment with your desire to grow & share your wealth.

We’re all inextricably linked. Our prosperity prospers others. Be soulfully sovereign.
There’s never been a better or more crucial hour to live your dream, share your wisdom, and lead with Love.

Now is always a good time to begin.

I now have a clear path for how I want to bring my gifts into the world... I feel 100% more confident and like a completely different woman. Amanda has a real gift.
— Megan Liebmann, Owner, Amethyst & Rose
My business has exploded. I’ve been able to reach so many more women. I can’t put into words what this work has done.
— Anja Robinson, Owner, Mana Medicinals
I’m filled with inspiration all the time now, and within a matter of weeks, designed my first online course! I’m also selling my books more than ever at the price that feels right.
— Amy Terepka, LMT, Earth Medicine Healer & Writer
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launch your dream business

in the seasoned femmepreneur workshop

Work with Me 1:1 over 10 weeks to create a brand & business you LOVE, learn advanced MINDSET practices, and get in on a wildly feminist approach to modern business & marketing.

Your soul and your work are far more expansive than someone else’s “formula” for success. Learning how to create and run your business over the long term, according to your unique style & needs, is what leads to a vibrant career.

This special workshop will teach you key business concepts that are both perennial and modern while also strengthening your intuitive nature... It’s a right/left brain balance- one nourishing the other. This dance is the future of sustainable, progressive business. I’ll be here every step of the way, to help you mirror, name and develop your gifts and potential into a unique business.

If you truly want to make a luminous career out of your passions, I lovingly invite you to start your business NOW. The world needs you, your voice, your gifts and your JOY… You can do it!


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hello dear friend…

My name is Amanda Verdery Young, and I’m a transformational business strategist & mindset coach, writer, mother, and ecomystic. I bought & sold my first business before I turned 30, and now I help soulful people find & pursue their life’s work. I have lots of stories to share with you about my journey. Conscious entrepreneurship is one of the most incredible pathways to transformation- for self and world- that any of us can take. I love it, and I LOVE seeing womyn+ step into their power & rise in purpose & prosperity…

“Join me in the pure atmosphere
of gratitude for life.”

– Hafiz


Seasonal Online Workshops & coaching Specials…

In the exquisite ebb and flow of seasonal wisdom we find our own, deeply connected and sustainable roadmap to changemaking, living and working….

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Take A 90-Day Challenge with me

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People talk a lot about “leveling up,” but really it’s about leveling out...

Continually EXPANDING your influence, income, creativity, generosity, community and potential with heart-led power, in service to people & planet.

If you’re already in business, and you know it’s time for some big-hearted professional guidance, take a 90-day journey with me and make that next level happen.

My style blends the practical with the imaginal, as I guide you into deep inquiry around what’s holding you back, what you really want and how to make it all happen on your own terms, with more ease and confidence…

See what can happen in 90 days!
Open to entrepreneurs who’ve been in business 2+ years.


Free RiseUp Sessions

clarity is the key.

After my session with Amanda, I felt a lifting of certain veils. I see my life - where it came from and where it’s going - in sharper focus, less judgment, less fear. I feel Artemis-like, strong and wild and protective. She’s amazing at what she does.
— Margaret, Web Designer & Consultant
In just an hour, with no prior knowledge of my work, she facilitated the weaving-together of a story that helped me make sense of where I am now [and] the directions I’d like to pursue moving forward. Her warmth, compassion, and insight ... made the process both nourishing and immensely clarifying.
— -Claire Wilde, Activist & Writer