A Powerful Method for Making Inspired Decisions

Align with your wise, future self & decide what to do next with ease.


If you’d like more help with this process, or with my 5 Steps to Start Making Money Doing What You Love,
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I now have a clear path and vision for how I want to bring my gifts into the world...Amanda has a gift for guiding and healing...I feel 100% more confident and like a completely different woman who feels seen, heard, and ready to change the world.”
— Megan Liebmann, Owner, Amethyst & Rose. Functional Nutritionist & Healer
In session with Amanda, I felt a lifting of certain veils. I see my life - where it came from and where it’s going - in sharper focus, less judgment, less fear. I feel Artemis-like, strong and wild and protective. She’s amazing at what she does.
— Margaret Rode, Web Designer & Business Strategist