bombilore’s manifesto


[v] to humm; to buzz (as in bees pollinating) 

+  LORE: [n] 

a collection of stories; a body of knowledge.

stories that hum the world to life.

What are the stories we're telling ourselves about our potential? About our society? About the world? What story do we want to tell? How do we rewrite oppressive, fear-based, old-world, one-dimensional, exclusionary narratives?

At Bombilore, we join the Great Turning*... a life-affirming shift away from separateness and competition and towards interdependence and collaboration. We keep humble. We stay curious. We find stories where the good, juicy, irreverent, joyous stuff is. We find the progressive, ingenious, clever, brave stories. We believe our thoughts are magnificently powerful. We see the future we want, and we go get it. Hour by hour, day by day.

We walk up to the heaviness, the shadows, and our own inconsistencies with grace and vigilance. We're not afraid of the dark. In fact, we welcome and adorn the dark with the garments she deserves. We restore the dark to her proper power in our lives, and celebrate slowness, still, quiet and deep reflection to balance the cacophany of modern life.

We allow the ebb and flow of what is and what can be. We question and expose injustice. We shine floodlights on the unacceptable. We ask to speak to the manager. We come to find that we, ourselves, ARE the managers! We do this all with compassion, patience… we stand shoulder to shoulder, not above and below each other…

We refuse to eat fake vegetables, fake news and phony assumptions. We find out what’s good for us. We don’t tell others what’s good for them. We ask how we can help instead. We bow down to the littlest, quietest, most forgiving beings. We silence the screaming signage. The ones specifically designed to disempower and disenfranchise us. We refuse to have our spirits strip-searched.

At Bombilore, we collectively rewrite the Big Story. We focus on the questions, and deem them more important than the answers we may (or may not) find. We step out of blame and into appreciation.  We make this story inclusive, positive, and solution-focused. We honor all peoples, traditions, and our Earth.

We believe in the basic but radical idea that there is no existential deficit- spiritual, emotional, or physical. There is only a temporal deficit of Love and Deep Honesty. We believe that when anything- a society or forest or body of water or marriage or system- is approached thoughtfully, with respect to every member of its pack and each angle of its being, then there is more than enough for everyone, at all times, in all ways and forever.

Bombilore invites you to Breath Deep. 

Imagine that all is solvable. 

Imagine a brighter story is being born. 

Embrace the pain folded into transformation. 

Stand with astounding reverence.

Help us sweeten and deepen the world.

Come share your sugar, grow your business, feel inspired. Take heart.  

We know we're not alone in our commitment to non-violence, solution-focused discussion and action, inclusive and communal growth, and above all- reverence for the sacred the cycles of birth, death, and regeneration which need tending and honoring if we’re to live our best lives and heal old, destructive narratives. We know we’re part of a much Greater Turning*, whose future is uncertain, but certainly worth our most steadfast work, hopeful imaginings and ingenious solutions. So we've begun Bombilore as it already is, a collective Bee colony of We.

*The Great Unraveling and subsequent Great Turning are phenomenon conceived and taught by the venerable Joanna Macy, deep ecologist, Buddhist, writer and teacher. Her Work that Reconnects, in which these ideas are embodied, is a powerful, guided pathway to living and working in these times… as one world crumbles, another is born… As above, so below. As within, so without.

Whether a regular reader, contributor (see below), colleague or client- please accept our deepest gratitude for you & your changemaking work! 

Join the Effort! 

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Hello Love! My name is Amanda Verdery Young and I’m Bombilore Founder, Transformational Business Coach, Writer & Ecomystic.  Read my story.   (photo   )

Hello Love! My name is Amanda Verdery Young and I’m Bombilore Founder, Transformational Business Coach, Writer & Ecomystic. Read my story. (photo

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