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Welcome Lovely Person,

If you're working to heal, free, sustain or empower this world, I'm so honored to have you here.

My name is Amanda Verdery Young, Bombilore’s Founder. I’m a Conscious Business and Mindset Teacher/Coach. I'm also a writer, activist, mama, and ecomystic.*

I have loved 3 things with all my heart since I was little: Nature, Art and Entrepreneurship.

When I was a little girl, I was outside all the time, through every season. I come from New England, and so I grew up steeped in seasonal lore and traditions. Mostly it feels like I'm just in the process of remembering everything I once knew for sure... about life, creativity, the cycle of things.

I also grew up with the rare, 1980's stay-at-home dad. He was just getting his arts management career off the ground in those first years of my life. So, alongside outside play, I also spent many hours playing in his office, while he jammed away at that clunky old macintosh.... I remember the endless trips to the print shop- and how I loved the smell of paper and ink and office-y things. And the eventual musicians hanging around from all over the globe- many of them profound activists. My dad’s small business seemed like big magic to me.

My mama was blazing the trail in a corporate career, donning football-shoulder-pad outfits and braving a deeply masculine (aka masochistic) professional landscape. But she was - and is- as down-to-earth as any mama could be. She's always been so in awe of the natural world, and she gave that to us.

It seemed easy for my mother to switch from heels and jet-setting to packing all the camping gear. Easy for my dad to go from booking concerts to getting the veggie garden in each Spring.

Or was it?

I can only imagine what they were each navigating back then. But one day in my young life, it all fell apart.

When my parents split, we had just moved to a rural area from a small city.

So there I was, so tender and heartbroken, alone in the middle of the woods for several hours each day. A classic "latch-key kid," my siblings- who made this time bearable- were nevertheless too young to join me.


And I have come to see now that this was when Nature came to my rescue.

This is when I started conversing with the natural world on a deep level. I got lost in the woods behind our house, our field, the old dirt road we lived on... just me and the flowers, trees, the little stream, the birds.

I remember how alive I sensed everything to be. I knew then that the world had a Soul, was magical, was infinite.

I convinced my mom to let me move into the recently-abandoned home office out in the detached garage. Since she wouldn't let me use the expensive electric heat, I was chopping wood and using a wood stove to stay warm at 12 years old... and to stay close to Nature and my own inner voice. School felt emotionally unsafe and frankly absurd to me, though I loved learning… I couldn’t wait to get back to my sanctuary, where I was often blue but rarely lonely.

This is when I started noticing many things about people, work, life....

I tell you all this because I've come to believe that everything you're meant to be, your purpose and your message... your gifts... they are all already within you, and have been the whole time. Your story and your reckoning with it is the special sauce that we can all benefit from. Babe: you’re needed.

That reckoning can be very heart-rending and wily. Believe me, traveling back to this time, repeating mistakes, getting lost in the woods of my adult life for a while was never easy or a straight line…. but it taught me a LOT…

The triple truth, as my best friend calls it, is that you don't need to "find yourself" or your purpose. You need to remember it. And then, you need to get after it. Right away, and everyday, starting with where you are. That’s the only way you’ll be able to fully understand and develop it.

I give thanks to both my parents for all their magic, their strong lessons, and their failures. I fell in love with the world once upon a time, with art and writing, with nature and the seasons and with doing what you love for a living.

It's all come together for me in Bombilore, which happens to be my third and most aligned business… home to my writing, workshops and coaching practice. It all keeps evolving (see my credentials below), but I’m learning to love my healing process, to face my privilege and pain alike, and to do modern business & marketing on my own terms…

Now, it's my work to help you do the same, to walk with you as you create a business you love, remember your purpose, and dream up a fabulous next level for your life.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful pathways to transformation- for self and world- that any of us can take. The more activated folks doing conscious work and getting paid well for it... the better. That's the path I'm on.

I hope you'll join me in restoring the wild feminine to business...

Rewild your gifts. Do what you love. Nourish the world.

“Do what you were born to do. You just have to trust yourself.”
– Beyoncé 

Amanda Verdery Young Business Mentor & Strategist for paradigm-shifting work Bombilore Founder & CEO

I work with people all over the world, and call Portland, Oregon home. I live with my musician/school counseling/sweetheart husband Tyler, our spirited and loving little boy, Julian, and one stowaway cat named La Bouche. 

I look so forward to connecting with you! 

Until then, be well and KEEP GOING!


Get in touch about anything: amanda@bombilore.com


Credentials & Experience:

-I bought and sold my first business before I turned 30 (2003-2008): The flagship U.S. location of a Czech tea company (Dobra Tea) that now boasts multiple U.S. locations, all independently owned, with revenue in the millions. Pioneers in conscious sourcing of tea & ethical business practice!

- B School Graduate (Marie Forleo's intensive training course in Online Business & Marketing, 2017)

- Experts Academy (with Brendon Burchard, #1 Online Marketing & Thought-Leader Training Course, 2018 + currently enrolled in monthly marketing training in current best practices)

- Brand Consultant, Copywriter, Web Designer (2010-present, with clients & for agencies).

- B.A. Writing & Literature, Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

- Year-long Intensive in Chinese 5-Element/Seasonal Energetics & Plant Spirit Medicine (via lineage of Eliot Cowan, fully initiated Huichol Shaman)

- PR, Development & Marketing Assistant Manager (2009-2013, Managed social accounts, websites, copy, booking and PR for musicians & performing artists).

- High Performance Academy (Advanced Personal Development & Leadership Seminar, 2018)

- 300+ hours towards M.A. in Intercultural Communication, University of the Pacific (core trainings: Personal Leadership & Adult Learning, Organizational culture & design, IC communication, the Process of change, Social justice, Mindfulness, Alternative ways of knowing & Non-violent communication)

Team Young. Livin the dream. Making a difference. My heartthrobs right here!

Team Young. Livin the dream. Making a difference. My heartthrobs right here!

- Squarespace Circle Member (2016-present, Official Squarespace Web Developers Community)

-I read like it’s nobody’s business. Some of my fave, 21st century changemaking thought-leaders: Seth Godin, Joanna Macy, Tim Ferris, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Brené Brown, Charles Eisenstein, Pixie Lighthorse . . . (Read them all!!).

- I’m a Reiki Master, daily meditator and lover of nourishing rituals. I practice what one of my venerable teachers, Eliot Cowan, calls “Household Shamanism,” a very accessible style of deep imagery work that keeps me in good conversation with all manner of wild, wise, and wily spirit guides and muses. I give thanks to all my guides, who have led me here and helped heal me.


“Our single purpose is to magnify that light we share between us.”

* What’s an Ecomystic?

Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I’m positive that so many of us are ecomystics of these times, as imperfect and messy as our process may be. In short, ecomysticism is what author Carl von Essen calls “The profound experience of nature as spiritual guide.” It’s rooted in the deep ecology movement (and therefore in traditional indigenous ways of knowing) which is defined as “an environmental movement and philosophy that regards human life as just one of many equal components of a global ecosystem.” [Sources: Google dictionary, also see: Foundation for Deep Ecology & the Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects]