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 Amanda Verdery Young Business Mentor & Strategist for paradigm-shifting work Bombilore Founder & CEO

Welcome Lovely Person,

If you're actively working to heal, free, sustain and empower self and world, then I am stoked you landed here. 

I'm a writer, transformational business & mindset coach, web designer and artist. Some clients call me an intuitive business healer. I LOVE helping women especially define & develop their calling. I'm most definitely a life-long entrepreneur, Bombilore being my third and most potent and fulfilling business by far.

It's taken me a long time to arrive here, so I appreciate and intimately understand the hopes and visions and potential that you carry in your heart… and the power of that message and service you know you're here to deliver.

I'm also a feminist, a nature lover and deeply spiritual person. I genuinely believe that the more intelligent, compassionate, subversive women (and men/queer/trans people) step into their power and the changemaking work they're here to do, the faster we will begin to steer the planet into safer, more mindful, sustainable and loving new waters. 

I see the career path as one of the most powerful paths to transformation- for women and marginalized peoples especially.

What you will learn, do, decide and manifest as an entrepreneur will take you on an incredible journey, and I can honestly say- the journey is the prize in entrepreneurial life. That is why my style and programs spend as much time on mindset and spiritual inquiry as strategy and traditional development.  

It’s time for more and more deep-hearted changemakers- especially WOMEN- to boldly take up space and innovate their fields of interest, communities, intimate circles, and thought-leadership generally.

We can and must do this consciously and make an epic living doing it- whatever that means to you. Making serious money running businesses in a new, sustainable and service-focused way is the radical wave right now. And that’s the path I am on. And that path has come from a deep and on-going inquiry into my own stories, into my own purpose . . .

In working with changemakers and conscious entrepreneurs, I've seen the need for more feminine and sustainable business models. The old way, or "business as usual" cannot continue as it has. It's up to us to shift the linear, competitive and exclusionary narrative to one of strategic alignment, abundant receiving, reconnection, community, celebration, deep dialogue, and especially, more empowered narratives.

We all have to face the state of the world. If we want to not just face it but change it, then we need Big Support.

Bombilore's Seasoned Femmepreneur Workshop & Seasonal Mentorships are offerings from my heart, built over years of deep contemplation and real world experience. This whole website is my opus gift to YOU (p.s. it’s still being built!), in service to your dreams and potential, as well as the planet's.

"Our single purpose is to magnify that light we share between us."


These offerings are direct and powerful lines to launching or growing your business. Both programs embrace a deeply feminine, non-competitive, naturally circular way of developing your dream career. The only thing you'll be competing with is your own, limiting ideas about what's possible for you and your work. 

My style bridges the practical with the imaginal, intuitive feeling with strategic thinking, ancient feminist ways of knowing with modern, virtual business acumen.

We can and must hold humility and power simultaneously. We need to reclaim our focus, our perseverance and our worthiness.

Stories are either our liberation or our chains, our dream-life or our settling-life. Stories either make change or inhibit it. They either circle us with Fear or they circle us with Love. Consciously shifting my own limiting and fear-based stories has (and will continue to) radically change my life, opening up more and more magic, abundance, purpose.

“Do what you were born to do. You just have to trust yourself.”
– Beyoncé 


I understand intimately the roadblocks and lost trails of conscious entrepreneurship.

For many women (and many feminist men/trans/queer peeps), worthiness & perseverance are the greatest barriers to stepping fully into our work. I know this because I've walked the road of unworthiness & lost steam, dressed in rags someone else gave me, wondering where my moment was, my place, my permission...

Entrepreneurship is a modern Heroine's Journey, no doubt!

But never forget that you don't need permission to do the thing you want to do to bring more light and healing to this world. Just integrity, soul-fullness, allowing . . . and some help along the way.

I’ve dug around in the muck long enough (with proper support) to have come out in fervent support of other wondrous humans who need both practical and intuitive mentorship in order to serve at their highest and best and call in EVERYTHING they desire out of life.

I'm called to work with the paradigm-shifters, the game-changers, the awake ones, the healers and social entrepreneurs and the deep, spirited, loving leaders of tomorrow.

The time is now for taking your good work and gifts to that next level you know is possible and so needed.

I work with people all over the world, and am based in Portland, Oregon - in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I live with my musician/school counseling/sweetheart husband Tyler, my stowaway cat La Bouche, and our spirited and loving little boy, Julian. 

I routinely take too much on, have too much fun, lose heart, find heart… repeat. I look so forward to connecting with you! 

Until then, be well and KEEP GOING!


Credentials & Experience:

-I bought and sold my first business before I turned 30- the flagship U.S. arm of a Czech tea company (Dobra Tea) that now boasts multiple U.S. locations, all independently owned, with revenue in the millions.

-B School Graduate (Marie Forleo's intensive training course in Online Business & Marketing)

-Member High Performance Monthly 2017-present. Attended High Performance Academy with Brendon Burchard


-Branding, copywriting & web designer, 2010-present. Squarespace Circle Member (Official Squarespace Developers Community).

-Online & offline Development & Marketing for the performing arts (2009-2013) (managed the social accounts, websites, copy, booking and public relations for musicians, actors & comedians).

-BA in Writing & Literature from Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

-300+ hours of graduate-level training in Intercultural Communication from University of the Pacific, where I studied Personal Leadership, organizational culture & design, the process of change, social justice advocacy and activism, mindfulness, alternative ways of knowing, non-violent communication, and communication techniques and strategies.

-On-going formal & informal learning in online marketing, growth strategy, conscious commerce, sacred economics, and 21st century changemaking with a diversity of thought-leaders, including Seth Godin, Joanna Macy, Brendon Burchard (High Performance Conference), Brené Brown, Charles Eisenstein, and others.

-I'm also a practicing Reiki Master, daily meditator and lover of nourishing rituals. I practice what my venerable teacher calls “Household Shamanism,” a very accessible style of deep imagery work that keeps me in good conversation with all manner of wild, wise, and wily spirit guides and muses.


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