Admire the Majesty

I deeply resonate with spring; the rebirth that buds around us makes my heart sing. Truly a celebration of life's divine blueprint which unfolds in sacred geometry, radiating outward, exuding bio-photons, lighting up our world with love for all to see. 

I've formerly had the pleasure of living in Portland, Oregon for 7 years and each year spring seemed to peek up outta the ground a bit earlier. I saw Daffodils blooming on Groundhog's Day a few years ago. I visited Portland on my birthday this year (third weekend of February). I was gifted with the reawakening of some piercing pink cherry blossoms. A very early premiere! The trees exploded with vivid hues that stimulated me and spoke to my soul. They told me that rebirth is achievable, that the beauty we bring to the world is illimitable, and that every new moment that we unfurl our blossoming magnificence may or may not be noticed, but it is vital that we open.


In early March, my heart tasted a brief sadness at the thought of not being there to ride my bike around Portland this spring. I'd be missing the series of bodacious blossoms; especially longing for the cherry blossoms and the magnolias. Be that as it may, that very day, above 4400 feet, a few miles from where we live, I experienced the pink clusters of Manzanita flowers at the trailhead to Crown Lake. I also believe this to be an early spring premiere and at such an impressive altitude!

We traversed a short hiking path to an alpine lake that reflects our neighbor, Mt Jefferson, upon it's now thawed water. I realized that this year, I'd be experiencing the spring in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.


A new perspective of glory to welcome with open arms: The golden buds on the Alders along the river, the yellow flower spades of the young Skunk Cabbage (my homies in the boggy zones said to aid asthma/ respiratory complaints),  and the cheerful Yellow Violets that made me crouch down on the ground to their level yesterday. I radiated a smile of appreciation as I investigated them. 

I'm looking forward to Spring's upcoming transformations; the visions of the illuminating white flowers of the Pacific Dogwood that will light up everything inside of me, the Rhododendrons debut among the greens of the forest, and the plethora of various alpine wildflowers that shall paint color across our landscape. 

Still, the sight of the Daffodils poking up and Iris' sword shaped leaves cutting through the ground excited me because they are traditionally some of the first signs of spring. They persisted even in the below freezing temperatures at night, and in the frosty mountain mornings. As I was walking up a path in our community last week I saw the distant, but bright yellow of the first Daffodils blooming here on our land. I rushed over to them in joy to admire their majesty. They fed my heart and today it beats out in an illuminating, unifying pulse into the ethers that connect you and I and everything in between...

The frequency of pure love.
...Pass it on....

Happy Vernal Equinox! Enjoy your Spring!!