Featured Changemaker: Caitlin Murray

Meet Caitlin Murray Baez, Owner of Purposeful Nomad,
a Conscious Travel Company


What’s Your Changemaking Work About?

Currently I find myself at the helm of this large ship, navigating the waters as the sole owner of this company. My core focus right now is creating small group trips for women that offer hands-on experiences, connection to local communities, adventure and self- care.

What's you core message? What are you out to create, heal or change?

Purposeful Nomad was created to not only inspire and connect women from all around the world through travel but also to ignite a new dialogue that tourism can and will have a positive impact on the world when done with care, sensitivity, and compassion. Purposeful Nomad is a Portland-based ethical travel company focused on creating trips that dig deeper into culture and connect with local communities.

What's a story about your field of interest/industry that you feel is negative/limiting/fear-based?

Unfortunately I feel the power and force that tourism has has been primary used in a negative matter for decades. Travel that creates a positive impact has long taken a backseat for a more all-consuming, high gloss, wasteful, detached version. It has marginalized certain communities, pushed out local businesses, exploited people and nature, abused money and stolen profits. Tourism has become this great big monster that destroys culture and tradition.

What's a new story we could begin to tell about this particular subject?

The idea that travel can change the world for the better, that we as travelers have a responsibility to do good in those places where we visit is now becoming more prevalent. Travel can preserve tradition and culture- to destroy it. We can use tourism as a form to educate, to connect and to empower!

What does it mean to you to work or live seasonally?

Time, seasons and the movement of nature are all useful guides in helping me orient or reorient myself if needed.

What's one thing you've had to overcome to get where you are today in your life's work?

I have really had to overcome my fear of uncertainty.

If you could share 1 piece of golden advice for conscious entrepreneurs pursuing their soul's calling, what would that advice be?

Believe that you are an unstoppable force.

How can people work with you? Do you have nay upcoming offers you want to highlight?

Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter. We are offering 10% off all trips if you book before the end of the year! Website: http://www.purposefulnomad.com

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