We Are the Ones: A Declaration of Resistance


Today is a special day.

Today is the day that millions of Americans decide, once and for all, that it is up to them to make the world more beautiful, whole, and just.

Today is the day that millions of Americans, young and old, begin to tell a different story, as the old one crumbles before them.

Today is the day that millions of children are told, "there is Great Love in the world, darlings, and it is infinitely more powerful than hate."

Today is the day that millions of white people face their privilege, not with a belly full of self-hatred or resistance, but with their hands on their hearts, in compassionate self-awareness and deep, abiding resolve.

Today is the day that millions of people of color say, no more, and look around to find countless allies that just yesterday seemed like strangers.

Today is the day that millions of people whose destiny is to love differently recognize in themselves a Great Hero for Love, which this incarnation on Earth has given to them as their mighty task and gift.

Today is the day that millions of people who love God are touched by a sense of their own Divinity, and therefore grow, grow, grow in their hearts an eye for the Divine in every living, breathing Being. 

Today is the day that millions of women and girls put a finger to their third eye, and collectively reclaim the Life-Death-Life cycle that is our Great Ally and Grandmother and Birth-right.

Today is the day when millions of women and girls reclaim our way of knowing... the way of deep intuition. This is how women have always led, even amidst chaos and confusion.

Today is the day that millions of men feel deep down into their belly-Earth and admit they are afraid. Afraid of women, afraid of losing control, afraid of their own, dark animus. Today, men begin to set themselves free, too. They RECLAIM the Peaceful Warrior.

Today is the day that millions of prisoners take in the medicine of true Dignity-as-birthright, no matter their crimes, no matter the injustice-suffered, and take back their rightful Soul-Power.

Today is the day that millions of refugees, immigrants, and diaspora take up their Holy task of teaching us all what it is to be at home in one's heart first and foremost, to understand the Earth as Ultimate Home.

Today is the day that millions of displaced people begin to witness an elevation of voices and actions ready to protect and provide sanctuary for them, even at their own peril.

Today is the day that millions of people plan, think, write, create, make signs, call their beloveds, organize and RESIST the co-opting of darkness. Today is the day millions of us RECLAIM the darkness from villains, reclaim HER as she is meant to be- bringer of rest, bringer of initiation, Master of deep healing, birther of the dawn.

Today is the day when the people of the world look to the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the kingdom of animals and all-that-is in the balance of life and vow to protect these relations, in solidarity and undeniable interdependence.

Today is the day that we begin an intentional, humble, and authentic apology to the indigenous people of this country, and of the world, for the desecration of their Story, their lands, their traditions and their people, and ask them with utmost RESPECT, how do we live in relationship to all-that-is?

Today is the day that billions of people, the world around, feel my Love, feel my prayers, feel the molecules of my Being within their own. Today is the day I feel the Love and prayers of billions of people in my own heart.

Today is the day millions, despite their deep-ingrained narrative of separation, begin to ask themselves whether leaving the "other" to suffer is to drink the poison from the same cup.

Today is the day millions of people disregard the story of loneliness in their own heart by extending their hand, their bread, their vulnerability. Without knowing exactly how, with no guarantee, today we reach out our hands.

Today is the day that, in the words of President Trump, "will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again."

Make no mistake; today is a special day. Today is every day.


Hello Love,

My name is Amanda Verdery Young. I’m Bombilore’s Founder and I’m also a Transformational Business & Mindset Coach, Writer, Mother & Nature Lover. I help conscious entrepreneurs and changemakers find their voice, grow verdant businesses and cultivate their intuitive, spirit-led inner knowing. The dreams you carry in your heart is already alive and well. You just need to believe, listen, and then act.