A Welcoming Ritual for Spring!

painting by Katerina Atapina

painting by Katerina Atapina

Happy Spring Equinox to you! A time of great vision, soulful planning, action and decisiveness while paradoxically also being a time of softness, vulnerability, adaptability and heart-felt resilience.

Use this simple ritual and open your doors to Spring’s expansive and emergent energy. Be supported by her mighty winds; it’s time to move your life and work forward…

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Spring Welcoming Ritual:

Set aside one hour of time for this special ceremony. Read through this ritual before beginning.

Choose one place in your home (out of reach of children and pets) for a small seasonal altar (if you haven’t already). This can be a space the size of a plate.

Before you begin, gather a few things you already own that remind you of new beginnings, of how far you have come, or that remind you of your dearest vision for your life.

Also gather, if you can, one candle (it can be a tea or led light).

If you feel called to, add a small piece of wood to your altar.

Set things up in a way that feels lovely to you. There is no one right way. If you already have an altar set up, lovingly remove all the items, wash/dust/cleanse them and then put back only the ones you feel called to put back before adding your new, Spring items.

Sit in quiet meditation, just being with your breath. Allow the highlights of this last season to wash gently over you, as well as any challenges. Let go, one by one, of any instances, memories, fears you’re still holding on to from this last season.

Thank Winter, in your own way, for its gifts. Ask that its most important lessons stay with you throughout the year. Say goodbye for now. Come back to your breath.

Welcome Spring. Thank Spring for returning. Ask, in your own way, for Spring to show you its gifts, and encourage and support you and your work in the coming months.

Choose something simple and natural to bring on your walk as an offering. A little water or salt perhaps. Prepare for your walk, taking your time to put on your shoes, coat, etc…

* * * * *

Head outside for a walk. Simply let your heart guide you. Notice things. Say hello to beings that are human and also not human. 

You're going to receive at least one natural item for your altar while on your walk. Let them come to you. You will know them when you see them. Thank the land and especially the trees (stewards of Spring's upward growth) for these gifts. Leave a little bit of the water, salt or other offering you brought any time you receive a gift from nature. Trust your intuition.

Return home, when you feel ready.

Add your items to the altar. Thank nature again for these gifts and let the warm, fresh energy of a Spring day wash over you. Jot down any insights. As Spring continues, refresh or add to your altar as you feel called to. Nature seems to love to be honored in this way.

Celebrate the arrival of Spring soon with some friends and a bright, healthful meal that features lots of greens, or have a dance party!