Recipe for Clarity


The quiet calm of winter is descending upon us, and even if you’re living in the Southern Hemisphere, the year’s end is calling in some inward gazing to plan a bright future… 

It’s a great time of year to clarify your plans, take stock of your resources and see where you’re going to need some support or education before you can move ahead. You can do this for your personal or family life, and of course this can be applied to your professional journey.

For a long time, I assumed that clarity was a little magical, like a stroke of insight… the “aha” moment when I’ve reached the peak of a mountain hike or on some far-away adventure. 

What I have slowly- and sometimes painfully- come to realize is that clarity is not a happy accident. It’s not something to wait for or hope for. It’s something to seek out, again and again over the weeks, months, and decades of our lives. 

The magic is found not in some romanticized moment of genius insight, but in the surprising discoveries I make everyday when I commit to an on-going practice of seeking clarity. We’re always changing and evolving, so we have to keep refreshing our dreams and desires.

Clarity always begets more clarity.

In indigenous communities, there is sacred space created regularly for seeking clarity. What sacred space have we in the western, capitalist culture? Below are some guidelines for getting even more clear these last weeks of the year. It touches on all the gifts of winter: vitality, finding flow, courage/fear, and resourcefulness.

I keep finding that whatever feels a little scary or out of reach- the thing I "should just wait until . . ." on.. that's the thing to start now! It's amazing how ready we can become with just a bit of clarity in what we really want! Solitude helps with clarity. But just as often, talking about our goals and dreams, in detail, with our loved ones, our team, coworkers and mentors is just as powerful.

Recipe for Getting Clear:

  • Name your top 1-3 goals for the coming year (you can do this any time of year as a reset, or at New Year’s.

  • For each, write out your why. Why are you really doing it? What reason, when you speak it aloud, makes you sit up in your seat and perk up your doe ears and notice that everything in the room seems a little brighter… this is your highest why.

  • If you can’t identify a compelling why, it may be that this is not, actually, the most pressing goal for you right now. Being open to this is difficult, but can be liberating.

  • Write down the specific feeling or outcome you’re after. How will you feel and what will you be able to see/do/have/give if your goal is realized?

  • Write out the 3-5 Core steps you’ll need to take to bring this dream forth. This is worthwhile to do periodically, because sometimes the steps change. You don’t need to even know how to do them all- just trust your instincts. What do you sense the steps are?

    This is your roadmap.

  • Look over it all, and make friends with Winter’s main emotional compass: Fear.
    Where do you feel fearful, unsure, or even totally lost as to how to go about something? Make a list of the resources- support, education, and guidance you’ll need to see you through these areas. Talk about it with friends and trusted loved ones. Talk it over with me, in any of the ways below.

    With Love & Blessings to You & Your Dreams,