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Let’s sit in council together, and see what’s brewing with your life’s work, business or vision. One conversation can open so many channels for you.

You’ll need 45mins-hour, internet connection & an open mind.
Free sessions available for limited windows. Book today if you feel called!

I make it a core practice to place my trust in right timing and alignment. These are no pressure calls. I simply request that in booking, you’re serious about being a soul-led entrepreneur, taking your work to the next level, and investing in yourself in big ways~ regardless of whether or not we decide to work together further.

Now is always a good time to deepen into your potential…
So, let’s do this big work together.

with wild love,

In session with Amanda, I felt a lifting of certain veils. I see my life - where it came from and where it’s going - in sharper focus, less judgment, less fear. I feel Artemis-like, strong and wild and protective. She’s amazing at what she does.
— Margaret, Designer & Strategist
My free session with Amanda was nothing but empowering! SHE GOT ME. Amanda was able to speak into existence the multitude of thoughts I had swirling in my head, it was really affirming and kick-ass!
— Vivien, Therapist & Group Counselor
Amanda has a gift for guiding and healing. I never imagined how transformative this experience could be. I feel 100% more confident and like a completely different woman.
— Megan, Functional Nutritionist & Health Coach