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Join my exclusive email community & get weekly Seasonal Sunday Love Notes featuring nature-led life & career wisdom + special gifts & early-bird releases on my offerings and workshops that only happen here.

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Work with me! I’ve lovingly been called a “Career Midwife,” because I have an uncanny knack for helping conscious, activated women transform their gifts into gorgeous, heart-led businesses. Let’s talk about your vision today! One conversation can change everything…

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Join my private Facebook group, The Seasoned Business Community, and enjoy peer support, authentic networking + LIVE coaching sessions where I answer direct Q’s from the group. High-vibe & totally free.

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Uplift yourself and leave comments on the blog, with writings on a range of spiritual, professional and relational topics, often viewed through the eco-centric lens of the seasons, or creative cycle… All fodder to lift you up as your pursue your own and the planet’s healing, purpose and thriving.