Giving Back

& giving thanks


It’s hard to put into words the gratitude that I feel for this work, for Bombilore itself, a gift I received while pregnant in 2014- just the seed of an idea which now feels real, full, and right as rain. I’m also grateful to you, friend, and to everyone whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from.

A purpose-driven business is the only kind of business to have in these times. I’m always wondering and asking myself - how do I give more, and what’s my truth and responsibility around that? How do I reckon with privilege, and properly tend to these wounds? What do I give, how does one choose in a world so in need? How do I learn to receive with grace, so that I’m free to give more? These are important questions on the path. The answers, as ever, come from within.

Here is Bombilore’s giving plan for 2019/20. Below that are acknowledgments to my most important teachers….

Financial Giving

Bombilore will be donating 1% of net earnings quarterly to Bee population protection & preservation, lobbying, and raising awareness. In 2020, we’ll also be running a Springtime “Save the Bees” fundraiser and will be looking for partners to co-create that with! Read more about Saving the Bees here. Be in touch if you’d like to talk about bee-awareness partnership.

We’ll also be donating an additional 1% net earnings quarterly to Earth Guardians as well as to rotating organizations which raise money for high-quality mental health/healing services for changemaking POC. The intersection of environmental & social justice is a potent place for Bombilore, and we feel moved and grateful to contribute meaningfully in these ways, in a spirit of reciprocity and healing.

Bi-Annual Solstice Online course Give-Aways

We’ll be giving away multiple spots in our online courses two times yearly. I started this in 2018, a couple weeks before Winter Solstice, awarding 11 free enrollments into the Fall IN Online Mindset Workshop for Beginning Anything, totaling $2167 in give-aways. Follow on social & join our email list so you can enter yourself or those in need of inspiration whom you love.

Next give-away: June Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere), 2019.

Local Pro-Bono Teaching & Group Facilitation

Please get in touch if you’re in the Pacific Northwest & would be interested in having me teach/facilitate a free class or workshop on conscious business development, mindset empowerment/mindfulness practice, feminist entrepreneurship, creative writing, copywriting or any other topic you see reflected here at Bombilore. I’m also a willing podcast guest! :)

Reach out:


First and foremost, I thank Mother Nature. I thanks my spirit guides and the elements, the sun, moon, tides and the Seasons themselves. Secondly, I thank indigenous knowledge the world over and the keepers of that knowledge, who have risked their lives and their family’s lives for centuries to not lose this knowing and these ways of knowing. I thank my ancestors, who were people of the land and people of the seasons, for helping me remember. I thank Clarissa Pinkola-Estes for teaching me via her book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, for two decades.

I thank especially the ancient, Chinese 5-Element system, which I spent a year formally studying and many years intuitively studying and from which I deepened my understanding of nature and the creative cycle indescribably. I think I was Chinese in another life! And I say that with recognition and sensitivity to the on-going appropriation of cultural traditions by western white folks. I am deeply reverent to this cannon, and will always do my best to respect and honor it. I deeply thank Eliot Cowan, Huichol Medicine Man, who first taught me how to talk with and work with plants, the elements and Nature very intimately.

In the business realms, I wish to thank my parents - who set me on the path long ago. Also, Marie Forleo & Brendon Burchard, Cristina Bold, Jirka Simsa & Ales Jurina (who barely knew me but took a chance on me and helped me own my first business at 24 years old), my professors at Naropa University who taught me to fold compassion and mindfulness and creative FIRE into EVERYTHING, including running a badass business.

And finally, to all the entrepreneurs I have ever worked with. You’ve all helped me to see my own gift in helping others remember who they are & how to do what they love for a living- and do it well! I am in awe of you ALL.

Deep bows & big smiles. Onwards. . .