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Welcome to Bombilore

A place to gather, exchange stories, make change, grow your conscious business, and step into the vision of a more life-sustaining world dream.

My favorite stories are those of people who've followed brave pathways which seek to unify, free, encourage, heal, inspire and awaken people.

This sort of thoughtful work is essential if we're to shift from our current, industrial-growth system to a non-violent, equitable, free planet. One that respects the sacredness of all beings, and lives in communion with- not competition against- Nature and each other.

This starts within. As we awaken, unlock, and open to our potential, our wildest dreams come true and  we're more available than we ever thought possible for the causes and projects closest to our hearts.

This is why I am OVER THE MOON about Bombilore's new, seasonal offerings. I’m beyond excited to reveal a path so much more holistic, feminist and sustainable than what’s commonly available, and from there, set you free to be yourself, share you gifts with ease, and run a thriving, connected business.

I truly believe that with enough trust and action and heart, we can make an amazing living doing what we love- and the world is always brighter when people are doing what they love! It would be my absolute pleasure to serve your dreams and your conscious work . . .



Get Clear, Find Your Voice, Launch Your Dream Business



Deep, Holistic Business Growth for Conscious Entrepreneurs



Intuitive, Soulful Sessions for Discovering Your Next Best Steps

Spaces are limited each month for these programs...

If you've been feeling that deep pull to step into the light of what you really want offer, or if you're ready to take your business to a whole new level, but haven't been sure how... this is for you.

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into both mindset and strategy, but you've felt less-than-inspired by the old, capitalist model... this is for you! 

This style of connected, intuitive commerce has been changing my life for years now, and I'm thrilled to share my unique, very new (yet totally ancient) Seasonal approach. It's based in abundance and circularity, instead of scarcity and the excessively linear.

This work will engage both your left AND your right brain, and above all- your HEART and your own, deep well of wisdom. 

From this harmony grows a collaboratory and innovative paradigm, one that renews and inspires itself in natural cycles. To me, this is truly feminist, and makes way for long and beautiful careers that unfold without the hustle and grind. This harmony is where changemaking work can truly blossom- as it must! Your good work is needed and appreciated! Take it forward and out and into the world . . .


To me, entrepreneurship is one of the most amazing and wild pathways to transformation.


You can read more about me, and my thoughts on this here. What I can tell you is that there are really no rules (deep thanks to my own mentor for teaching me this invaluable truth). And yet, there is a rhythm (See How to Become A Seasoned Femmepreneur). The two most important beginning pieces are this:

1. Plant a strong foundation for growth, based on who you truly are, and

2. Cultivate a mind-space that is resilient, empowered, kind, and masterful.

Because really, it all begins with your stories.

Believe me, within my own story were many negative and limiting beliefs. Many still persist and need on-going love. But it's only been by rewriting them, one by one, along with some soulful strategy, that's truly allowed the breakthroughs that have brought me closer to my dreams.  

Your story is sacred; it deserves to be told, shared, and unfolded with LOVE. As we change our own stories and the stories that circle our work, we will most definitely change the world.

If you’re out to elevate the global narrative in some way, I bow to you. A dangerous journey, no doubt, but one filled with heart thrills beyond common reckoning! And- don't believe the hype- it can be easier than you've been led to believe. We can all choose JOY along this wild ride.

Make no mistake, we need you to fulfill this dream you carry in your heart. It matters so deeply.

Everyone needs you to keep going... and honestly, to have FUN. I'm here to help & support you, whether you join one of my programs, stop by for inspiration (full website launching soon!), or just enjoy my Seasonal Sunday Love Notes (sign up below).

You are not alone (in case you've ever felt that way, as many deep-hearts do). There's an ever-widening, deeply motivated collective of incredible people doing incredible things- every day across the globe.

We're rewriting oppressive, fear-based songlines and singing love back into the world, along with spiritual strength, equity, safety, and sustainable ingenuity. 

At Bombilore, we come together to celebrate, learn, grow, be seen and heard, find inspiration, grieve what has been lost, and reach for the stars of what is yet possible in our lives & changemaking businesses . . .

I sincerely love you. And I wish on every star for your wild, empowered blooming. 



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"It was such a great session that I realized and got down to the truth of what it is I want to offer at this time... Amanda is truly there to support women coming into connection with their gifts."

-Tara Burke