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Please enjoy or add to our potent collection of tales from the changemaking path, from the descent deep into personal growth, from the heart & soul of what it means to be alive at this time in the planet's turning. 

Bless your bloomin' heart. Thanks for being.

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Welcome to Bombilore,

A place to gather, exchange stories, make change, grow your conscious business, and step into the vision of a more life-sustaining world dream.

Our favorite stories are those of people who've followed brave pathways which seek to unify, free, encourage, heal, inspire and awaken people.

This sort of thoughtful work is essential if we're to shift from our current, industrial-growth system to a non-violent, equitable, free planet. One that respects the sacredness of all beings, and lives in communion with- not competition against- Nature and each other.

None of us knows exactly how this will look. That’s why we need each other, and we need positive stories and courageous conversations- not just encouraging soundbites- to help balance the pervasive, traumatic violence of the modern news cycle and the invasive story of separation.

Our very language has been co-opted by violence and unchecked power, resulting in a mostly unimaginative and deeply harmful rhetoric that catastrophizes the natural challenges of life and makes light of inhuman atrocities and oppressions.

At Bombilore, we nevertheless get up each morning believing that it’s possible to find beautiful solutions and inclusive new ways of being and setting each other free. We believe in the promise of non-violence and a modern, co-created reconnection to all that is. 

We KNOW there are life-affirming stories and amazing initiatives happening around every corner- and we're out to find and uplift them.

We believe in the possibility of a new paradigm that weaves the thread between ancient and modern technology, thought, and soul-fullness.

As we change the story, we'll change the world.

If you’re out to elevate the global narrative in some way, we bow to you. A dangerous journey, no doubt, but one filled with heart thrills beyond common reckoning. We need you to succeed. Everyone needs you to keep going. We're here to help & support you, as well as learn from you.

None of us are alone. There's an ever-widening, deeply motivated collective of incredible people doing incredible things- every day across the globe. We're rewriting oppressive, fear-based songlines and singing love back into the world, along with spiritual strength, equity, safety, and sustainable ingenuity. 

At Bombilore, we come together to celebrate, learn, grow, be seen and heard, find inspiration, grieve what has been lost, and reach for the stars of what is yet possible in our lives & changemaking businesses . . . 


Your good work matters. We'd like to help you share it.





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a collection of stories;
a body of knowledge.



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