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doing here at Bombilore.

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I now have a clear path and vision for how I want to bring my gifts into the world. I feel confident and capable with the idea of being an business owner where as before I had zero trust in my abilities. After our time together I’m really excited about my biz as opposed to scared shitless.... Amanda has a gift for guiding and healing. I never imagined how transformative this would be... I feel like a completely different woman who feels seen, heard, and ready to change the world.
— Megan Liebmann, Owner, Amethyst & Rose. Functional Nutritionist & Healer
[Amanda] is extremely talented and can help bring your vision to life! She goes above and beyond to build you a gorgeous website to suit your needs . . . Her creativity and professionalism keeps the process running smoothly . . . Her attention to detail is incredible! Amanda is truly gifted, and I’m beyond grateful to have had such an amazing experience working with her. I love my website, it is everything (and more) that I dreamed it could be.
— Lauren Eisenberg, Yoga Instructor/Co-Owner, Seed to Health
I have 10 years experience in marketing & branding, but Amanda’s programs open a whole new approach to business development using a rich balance of intuition, personalization and clear business knowledge. This has been an invaluable investment in myself and my business, I’m particularly thankful of how Amanda holds space...
— Ilka Blue, Author & Creative Ecologist
My business has exploded . . . I have been able to reach so many more women who resonate with my vision and offerings! I really could not be happier or more thankful for the support I received.
— Anja Robinson, Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist
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Some of my favorite client results:

  • Booking 16 new PAYING clients before her website even launched.

  • Designing, Launching & selling spaces in a gorgeous online course half way through the workshop, largely because the mindset work here allowed her to stop resisting and do what was in her heart.

  • Emerging from a deeply challenging time personally to writing, self-publishing, printing AND SELLING DOZENS of copies of her first book- all within 2 months of completing the program.

  • Getting 20 requests for free sessions within hours of launching her new business to a relatively small audience.

  • Experiencing a social media explosion, and many more offline opportunities after deciding to go all the way with the new vision for her career that came out of this work.

  • Launching a high-quality, high-vibe podcast, whose first season is nearing completion!!

  • Hearing again and again how receiving their Brand Positioning Statement was a moving, tear-filled experience of “seeing what’s in my heart finally out in the world,” or “as if my Soul could speak aloud.”

I’m filled with inspiration all the time now, and within a matter of weeks, designed my first online course! I’m also selling my books more than ever at the price that feels right.
— Amy Terepka, LMT, Earth Medicine Healer & Writer
Working with Amanda in her Seasoned Femmepreneur Workshop took me from a very abstract, fleeting idea to helping me create my own program I am ready to launch! Her process deeply inspired me to focus on my mindset and fully bring forth the meaning behind my offerings. I’m eternally grateful for the most amazing mentor & coach I have in Amanda.
— Camlyn Stoeberl, Death Midwife & Herbalist
My free session with Amanda was nothing but empowering! You can really hear the passion Amanda has for what she does ... I felt really heard and really excited to move forward in my business. SHE GOT ME! Amanda was able to speak into existence the multitude of thoughts I had swirling in my head, it was really affirming and kick-ass! I knew Amanda was who I was going to work with just from that first meeting.
— Vivien, Therapist & Group Counselor
I feel more enthusiastic and confident that I can be a solo-preneur. I feel like my business is real now ... I loved Amanda’s straight forward approach when I asked business advice and I really appreciated the creativity she brought to every session and her obvious passion for working with people in this way. I felt all of the good stuff ... The whole process was invaluable to me.
— Aubrey Sharp, Life Coach
Amanda was able to guide me without leading me astray. [The Discovery Session] felt grounded and we kept refining and getting closer to the essence of my vision. It was such a great session that I realized the truth of what it is I want to offer at this time. I was humbled, and completely inspired by the amount of inner work that came out of these external exercises. Amanda is connective and communicative ... She is truly there to support women coming into connection with their gifts.
— Tara Burke, Podcast Host
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In just an hour, with no prior knowledge of my work, she facilitated the weaving-together of a story that helped me make sense of where I am now [and] the directions I’d like to pursue moving forward. Her warmth, compassion, and insight ... made the process both nourishing and immensely clarifying.
— Claire Wilde, Activist & Writer
In session with Amanda, I felt a lifting of certain veils. I see my life - where it came from and where it’s going - in sharper focus, less judgment, less fear. I feel Artemis-like, strong and wild and protective. She’s amazing at what she does.
— Margaret Rode, Web Designer & Business Strategist
Amanda is a creative, innovative and intelligent coach with a real gift for meeting you where you’re at. It was great to work with someone with a nurturing yet clear & sassy approach! She greatly helped to propel me forward on my path to business and personal success.
— Rebecca Principe, Naturopathic Doctor
I have always admired the grace and ease that Amanda brings to her work and her eagle-like attention to detail. Not only is she a business strategist with a savvy marketing edge, but as a multi-passionate entrepreneur she wholeheartedly understands that to achieve success and make lasting impressions you need to dream big and that those dreams need to be innovative, authentic, and reflect a clear vision. Working with Bombilore has always instilled the courage and confidence that I’ve need to step outside of my own box and approach my work with a fresh and inspired attitude.
— Jennifer Kerns, Depth Psychotherapist, Holistic Entrepreneur at
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