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wisdom of the seasons

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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
-albert einstein


What season turns outside?
Where in the creative cycle is your most beloved dream?
What season are YOU in?

powerful questions to ask.

Harvest Wisdom

Celebration, Abundance, Generosity, Empathy, Nourishment,
Stability, Kindness, Receiving & Belonging.

Autumn Wisdom

Worthiness, Grief, Honoring, Letting Go, Sacred Discipline, Inspiration, Purification & Gratitude.

Winter Wisdom

Wisdom, Stillness, Vitality, Flow, Fear, Courage,
Resourcefulness & Rest.

Spring Wisdom

Action, Assertiveness, Clarity, Vision, Strategy, Decisiveness, Adaptability, Vulnerability & Resilience.

Summer Wisdom

Joy, Play, Sharing, Community-Building, Tending, Prolific Growth, Passion, Creativity & Completion.