*NOTE: I am discontinuing this service effective Aug. 2019, so that I can focus solely on coaching & teaching. If you’re a soul-centric web designer or copywriter and are insterested in working with me as a contractor or on a referral basis, please get in touch! :) amanda@bombilore.com

Messaging & Squarespace Websites

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Why Squarespace? 

We've come to love the Squarespace platform because of its intuitive interface, gorgeous and modern design, and endless customization features. It’s also easy integrate with other crucial online tools (i.e. email, social, online commerce).

We also love Squarespace because we know that with our training and guidance, you can learn how to manage it on your own.

For most small to medium businesses, hiring a web developer every time you'd like something tweaked or added is out of reach financially and frankly, it's unnecessary.

While we’re available to come on board for bigger changes to your site or to custom code special features you'd like to add, we feel that your best chance of success lies when your site's control is firmly in your hands.

That said, Squarespace is not the right fit for every business. We design and develop sites exclusively on Squarespace because, in the case of web design, being masterful at one has felt soulful and right (along with everything else above that we love about this magical platform!).

How does it work?

The first step in building a website with us is to establish a clear and compelling brand. We offer amazing package pricing on our progressive, transformative business development workshop when combined with a brand new website.

If you feel ultra clear on your brand's identity, your offerings, and your audience, we ask that you chat with us in detail about it. From there, we can decide if it’s a good fit.

If you’re not already in business and SUPER clear about the who, what and why of your work, we highly recommend taking the workshop, or a similar one that speaks to you, before hiring us or any other web designer.

Your success matters! We’ve found the most powerful growth for entrepreneurs when the website comes last in the initial development period, rather than first!

Featured Sites By Bombilore:


How long does it take?

That depends! But most websites fall between 2-4 months from start to finish. We value thoroughness and strategy, while simultaneously setting clear goals and deadlines.

What if I just need a simple site?

That's awesome! We love simple sites, and would rather you have a simple but high-functioning site to get started than no site at all or an ineffective one! We’re happy to discuss an affordable one-page site with you, or a small (2-4) page site. We always work with folks to find the right fit, work with your budget as much as is possible and help you navigate what’s important now verses what can be added later on, so you can get going on sharing your voice and offerings now!

How much does a full site cost?

Again, it depends... on so much. We will guide you through our estimation process, taking into account things like how many pages it will be, what imagery or graphics you'll need, co-creation of copy, special features, email integration and more. Our pricing is competitive, clearly defined, and we offer flexible payment plans. Simple sites start at $1500. Full-scale websites range between $2,800-$4,500.

For more details & to see if it’s a good fit…

For an in-depth, FREE hour of coaching…


Messaging (aka Copywriting)

Copywriting refers to all of the words, headlines and other content that you write for your business. When a dream is close to our heart, and when our message is, ultimately, coming from the Soul of the World, it actually can be incredibly challenging to bring it out onto the page.

This, again, is why I recommend so much getting clear on who you are, who you’re here to serve, what you’re offering and why.

It’s also why I place so much emphasis in my coaching practice on examining our stories and cultivating an empowered mindset. It’s everything if you want to create magic in your life while elevating the consciousness of the world. Strong copy is nothing more than words infused with the energy, clarity and spirit of its creator.

I co-create copy with clients, copyedit rough drafts, and fully write some of the copy itself. I do this exclusively in conjunction with website builds by Bombilore. I’m not offering freelance copywriting at this time.

It would be a pleasure to work together in crafting meaningful, powerful copy that feels like you, helps you name & share your wisdom, and exudes that special energy that only you can bring to the world.

Get in touch if you’d like to explore together my coaching, The Seasoned Femmepreneur Workshop, and the potential of working together to bring your website dream to life!