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Many Voices Humming

Who we are is YOU (and a few key peeps pictured below). No joke. What was supposed to be one woman's soulful blog quickly presented itself as a community, a hive, a humming gathering of human pollinators who've made a life of spreading bright ideas and making potent change within themselves, their communities and the greater world.

With every new voice that contributes a changemaking tale, every reader empowered by our library, and every business that works with us to take their vision to the next level, Bombilore is about the people we uplift and serve. We are likewise uplifted by you. 

If you're concerned for this world, in love with this gorgeous planet, craving more magic and abundance and less fear and sorrow, if you're deeply committed to your own personal growth or a purpose driven career, then Bombilore is your place, and we welcome you wholeheartedly.

Like the Great Turning that is happening across every sector of culture and globe, the Bombilore vision is something much bigger than just us. We are all of this magnificent planet, all fellow solutionaries who dance between celebration, hard work, deep reflection, grief, fear, freedom, joy . . .

So we've begun Bombilore as it already is, a collective Bee colony of We.

If you feel drawn to Bombilore’s mission and manifesto, consider submitting a piece of writing, visual art, a video, an inspiring story or become a Featured Changemaker. Work with us to build an unstoppable and conscientious business. Socialize your learning; be empowered or find some restive vibes here. Who knows what else might happen as we roll up our sleeves and work together to restore a sense of the mystery, connection and interminable power of LOVE available to us all! 

meet the b team

Amanda Verdery Young
Founder. Writer. Business Mentor. Soulful Strategist. Dancer in the Dark.


Could This Be You?
Social Media & Communication Intern. Fun Qualifier.


Could This Be You? master of Operations & Outreach.
Virtual Spirit Animal. Vibe Checker. Nitty-gritty Kitty.


La Loba Column


Could This Be You?
Research & Development Intern. Fun Qualifier Here.


Seasoned Column Ambassador.