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Together, in nourishing container & council, we’re powerful beyond measure.

The medicine we carry for each other and for the planet is immense. The Seasoned Femmepreneur Women’s Circle offers you a safe, transformational space in which to launch or grow a young business.

Over 10 weeks, you’ll be guided (both in-group and individually) in how to set-up and grow a modern, soulcentric business while entering into deep relationship with your creative process~ We’ll explore your stories & gifts, your shadows & blocks, and the honing of your intuition.

The Seasoned Femmepreneur Women’s Circle is for those ready to become conscious entrepreneurs as well as those who have gone as far as they can with their business and know mindset support & business strategy are crucial to reaching that next level.

Saying YES to our soul-work is a powerful, revolutionary act. Never before have we had such an opportunity to lovingly develop and give the world our gifts and be rightly compensated for our work.

I know, from my own 15-year journey in soul-led entrepreneurship, that deep women need deep, healing processes in order to reach their full potential. You’re going to be stirred here. Celebrated & lovingly challenged… all while creating a powerful brand, offerings & marketing plan.


If you’ve always felt that there MUST be a more feminist approach to business,
Join Us . . . That’s exactly what you’ll be learning & contributing to...

Just as the seasons turn outside, so do our projects, paths to transformation and greater careers move in sacred cycles.

The SEASONS themselves will guide our work~ What could be more feminist than that!? The natural, circular process of imagining, organizing, creating, sharing, receiving, decline and rest will change the way you think about work forever. 

There’s BIG power when we learn to harness & direct these rhythms. This model of business is anti-capitalist and pro-abundance.

No more linear myths…

Strategy is nothing without intuition & spiritual confidence. I’ve coached so many conscious women who’ve taken course after course in business and tried every ‘formula’ and ‘tactic’ with little momentum. It’s incredibly frustrating.

I’ve also seen myself and many clients forget the rules and instead get into alignment, take inspired, soul-led action and suddenly— start receiving with ease: dozens of new clients almost overnight, 5-figure months, unexpected invitations to speak or lead, and the motivation to create courses, programs, or whole books in a matter of months after long-feeling stagnant . . .

Your energy is so key.

We’ll focus on that and back it up with modern business savvy. I want you to know how to play the long game… and win. You’re allowed. And the planet needs your work…

Dance with us in the magic of both doing and being. Open to your wildest, most important dreams by doing what you love for a living. We are changing the world, one handmade, womyn-owned profession at a time.

Let’s begin!

This is the first time I’m offering this workshop in the mastermind/group council format.

The investment for the inaugural group is ↣ $1650.

Or two payments of $925.
(Estimated value ~ $2800-$3400).

The world we dream of is already alive and well inside our own hearts...

Self-identified women of ALL backgrounds encouraged to apply.
Scholarship rate available for *1* space.

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  • Powerful weekly business & personal development lessons (to work on between council sessions).

  • Weekly Group Council Call (Thursdays, 9:15am PST) featuring a brief, advanced “power lesson” followed by “love-seat” time for each group member to be coached by Amanda.

  • 2 Private Coaching Sessions w/Amanda

  • UNLIMITED Voice & Text Coaching via Voxer app, for 1:1 support when you need it most.

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⤖ Weeks 1 & 2:


Develop Your
Brand Identity


Fall Into Inspiration;
Decide What’s Sacred.

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⤖ Weeks 3 & 4:


Know & Find Your
Soulmate Audience


Dream Up Your Resources;
Deepen Your Courage.

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⤖ Weeks 5 & 6: 


Create Valuable


Clear Vision, Wise Planting,
Strong Boundaries.

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⤖ Weeks 7 & 8: 


Marketing & Integration


Tend the Ripening;
Gather ‘Round & Reveal.

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⤖ Weeks 9 & 10: 


Your Action Plan +
Giving Back & Celebration


Nourish Yourself;
Nourish the World.

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⤖ Join Us!


The Seasoned Business Community on Facebook:

Find peer support, authentic networking, and LIVE coaching / Q&A sessions with me. Beginning as soon as you Like.


Client Love Notes…



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Your Humble Guide…

My name is Amanda Verdery Young, soulcentric Business & Mindset coach, Writer, Mama, and modern Ecomystic. The Seasoned Femmepreneur Workshop folds 15 years of entrepreneurship, earth-based spirituality and personal development education into my ongoing training in modern business. My work is grounded in my sincere longing to see more heart-led people do what they LOVE & feel CALLED to do for a living, thus co-creating a more life-affirming, generative economy and thriving planet.

It’s long been in my heart to create this Women’s Wisdom Circle. I bring to this circle my experience as co-founder of a women’s mastermind group (about to enter its 3rd year), 6 months training in an advanced women’s wealth & leadership coaching program, and 5 years guiding a soulful team of 7 employees in my first business. I love Nature like it's nobody's business, and I’ve found my most important instructions and support in the arms of Great Mystery and the wonders of the natural world. You can read my full story here.

Here’s The Details Again:

↣ You’ll be making a time commitment of about 4 hours/week for…
10 Group Coaching Calls: THURSDAYS, 9:15am PST (est. $650)
↣ 2 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Amanda, 1hr each (est. $450)
Exercises, Journal Prompts & Instructional Videos to work on between sessions (est. $1500)
Unlimited text and voice COACHING (M-F), via the Voxer app (est. $800)
A timeless framework to lean on, because your business is a living being. You’ll have ongoing/long-term access to the online course, including new content & bonuses.

Total estimated Value: $3400

Investment for the inaugural Seasoned Femmepreneur Women’s Circle:

(or two payments of $925)
*1 Scholarship Spaces Available.*


What’s a “Seasoned Femmepreneur”?

To be a Seasoned Femmepreneur is to deeply value the creative cycle, and its turn in all things. To believe the radical idea that although “grinding” and “climbing” to the top can work… at what cost? There is a fantastically more flow-based, mindful, infinitely less harmful pathway to doing, being, creating, and supporting what we love in the world.

The suppression of the Wild Feminine has wounded us deeply, individually and culturally. Femmepreneurs are serious about healing, finding joy, making change AND creating freedom through financial & spiritual abundance.

Life is magic. And the seasoned femmepreneur knows this.