The world is a vast garden; we need you to plant conscious seeds here.

There's enough building and competition. We need more growing and cooperation. We need businesses that are actively flipping the script and moving us towards a more life-sustaining world. Are you struggling to do just that? 

Growing a conscious business is no joke. And yet, it can easily get overly complicated and anti-strategic. It's easy to get overwhelmed and self-silence. But let's be real- the world needs your skills and insights right now!

There are a million ways to grow a business, or a garden. But the basic tenements are always the same, and they can't be ignored. 

Our WisenWomen Business Growth Packages simplify and personalize today's most progressive business strategies for you. We'll share with you an exciting new paradigm of compassionate, connected commerce. It's an inspiring movement, and you need to be a part of it!

We combine the best of DIY brainstorms and exercises with one-on-one professional advising. The result is an affordable, amazing investment created specifically for conscious small businesses like yours. One with tangible results and a ton of personalized support. Yes and yes! 

You wouldn't think of harvesting before you plant seeds. Running a business, no matter how small or enormous, takes planning. It takes the elements in balance and seasonal awareness. It's a call-and-response dance. 

Let's Dance! Your work is needed and appreciated. Take the time to take it to the next level. It's a worthy investment, and we are humbled to provide it to you. 


Credit where credit is due: photography by: Photo by Gabriel Jimenez , jens johns son ,

/ plan for next year /

Use our exercises, tools, and resources again whenever your business needs reimagining or things are changing (and they will)! in short, We teach business gardening, setting you up for success not just now, but in the future. 

/ amend the soil /
 prepare a compelling BRAND


/ cultivate a sustainable community /
discover your perfect AUDIENCE


/ plant well-tended starts /
craft valuable, unique


/ share the bounty /
spread the pollen 'round; 
MARKET your good work!