Getting Specific About the Soul Food You (& Others) NEED


Late Summer, or the Earth element, regulates and shapes the Winter/Water archetype... the health of the banks determine much about the river. Land is always found beneath the water, even if far, far below… giving it a container, helping shape its flow and easy momentum…

If you’re having trouble getting real about your needs, or you don’t really know what they are- you’ll likely feel scattered across many people’s ideas and plans for you. When you build strong boundaries, and you’re able to see and respect the boundaries of people around you, returning home gets easier, more fluid, more held by sustenance.

This is a deep and difficult process for many women, and men who were raised to please everyone else, to “be good,” agreeable, easy-going. But you are not a wallflower; you are a star. I am on this journey too, and one thing that’s invaluable is getting ultra specific about your needs. Try the prompt below to help with this . . .

Getting Specific About Your Soul Food 

The earthy, Late Summer magic is all about nourishment- and not just physical. What’s the soul food you need to be at your best? What’s the soul food that your family, co-workers, and friends need? 

If you’ve never read Marshall Rosenburg’s Non-Violent Communication, it’s a classic and revolutionary work on both living and working consciously.

He talks a lot about getting specific. For example, shifting from, “I need more love from you,” to “I need you to ask me lots of questions about my day and give me a huge hug right now.” Or, in the professional setting, moving from “Let’s keep commuication open and respectful” to “My office hours are… I will get back to you with 48 hours . . .We will have periodic check-ins where we'll discuss…”

The difference between vague needs and the explicit details beneath them can transform your relationships and life.

Is there anywhere in your life or business where you don’t feel a need is being met? Write it down. What actions, words, or outcomes would fulfill that need?

Is there a need that a loved one or colleague seems to have but you feel confused about, or at a loss to fulfill? It’s ok to gently ask others to clarify what would actually fulfill their need, so that you can be of better service.